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Deep burn first aid
- Sep 14, 2018 -

If the injured person has a deep burn or a large burn area, the injured person may experience shock or even death. The ambulance should be summoned in real time to be sent to hospital for treatment.

The skin at the burn site is gray, black, such as coke or peeling. The nerves in the burn site are damaged and there is no pain. The skin becomes dry, inelastic, and free of bubbles.


1. Immediately summon an ambulance

2. Do not forcefully remove the burning underwear, quickly extinguish the flame and leave the fire. The hot-water-impregnated underwear can be cut off with cold water and then cut off, but do not strongly tear off to avoid secondary damage. 

3. Do not immerse large areas of deep burns in cold water to avoid a sudden drop in body temperature and blood pressure, resulting in shock.

4. Pay attention to whether the injured person has shock performance (breathing, coughing or exercise). If the injured person has a breathing or heartbeat, emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed.

5. Raise the burned limb as much as possible above the heart level.

6. Cover the burn wound, use a breathable moist sterile bandage, a clean damp cloth or a wet towel.

Do not apply colored drugs such as red mercury, gentian violet, etc. on the wound surface, so as not to affect the doctor's judgment on the depth of wound burn.

Use toothpaste, ointment, etc. with caution, otherwise it will lead to debridement difficulties or heat can not be released in time. The use of the cooling therapy described above is the most direct, most feasible and most effective pain relief method.

In addition, it is especially emphasized that if it is a hand burn, it is necessary to remove the accessories such as the ring while cooling down, otherwise the finger may be necrotic after swelling.

Injection of tetanus vaccine: Whether the burn patient is complicated by tetanus is not the size of the burned area, but the depth of the burn and the injury. Anyone who has serious burns or serious pollution must take precautionary measures against tetanus.