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Electric shock emergency
- Sep 18, 2018 -

1. Turn off the power at a rapid speed. 1 Pull down the gate immediately or turn off the power switch, unplug the plug, and get the electric shock off the power quickly. 2 First-aiders use bamboo poles, wooden sticks, plastic products, rubber products, and leather products to pick up the power of the patient, so that the patient can quickly get out of the power supply. 

2. If the patient is still on a leaking machine, use a dry insulating cotton coat or quilt to push the patient away. 

3. Before the power is turned off, the rescuer should not use his own hand to directly pull the electric shocker, so that he will immediately get an electric shock and scar. Then someone who pulls the electric shock will also get an electric shock. Because the human body is a conductor, it is extremely conductive.

4. Use artificial respiration and extrathoracic heart compression (CPR) when confirming heartbeat.

5. First-aid is best to wear rubber shoes, jump on the board to protect themselves.