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First aid for caustic soda
- Sep 11, 2018 -

1. Drink plenty of warm water

2. Drink some egg white or animal oil

3. Drink the right amount of vinegar

After properly treating the caustic soda into the digestive tract, it binds to the tissue protein to form a gelatinous protein salt, and saponifies the fat, resulting in tissue dehydration.

If the situation of caustic soda is taken at home, drink some vinegar to quickly neutralize caustic soda. Drinking a lot of warm water can only play a role in diluting caustic soda. Drinking an appropriate amount of egg white or animal oil can play a role in competitive inhibition of tissue protein binding and fat saponification. Therefore, once you accidentally take caustic soda, you should immediately drink the right amount of vinegar, and then drink some egg white or animal oil, which is a relatively safe detoxification method.