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First aid substitutes
- Feb 06, 2018 -

The occurrence of various acute diseases, no one is hard to predict at what time and place, that is, usually prepared a family first aid kit, it can not carry it to the scene of the accident occurred. The following describes the substitution method of emergency supplies, so that it comes in handy for emergency treatment.

Operation essentials:

1. Long tube socks: whether worn on the feet or the old, can be used in emergency treatment bandage.

2. Tie: Fracture can be used as a fixed splint or for tourniquet use.

3. Bath towel: upper limb fractures can be used for a triangular scarf.

4 handkerchiefs, hand towels: hemorrhage can be used as bleeding, but also for cold and wet use.

6. Magazines, rulers, thick wrapping paper, umbrellas, canes can be used in the fracture splint.