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Frostbite first aid measures
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Frostbite is a common disease in the north of winter, mild swelling and itching, severe cases can be caused by amputation disabilities. To this end, we should have some common sense of frostbite emergency.

Protect the frostbite site: After frostbite, the affected area should be quickly protected with a blanket, and escort the patient to room temperature 20 ℃ -30 ℃.

Alternating cold and warm water with 10 ℃ cold water and 38 ℃ warm water alternately soaked parts 20-30 minutes until the recovery of the feeling of the affected area, the skin turned red purple, soft so far. If the shoes and socks, gloves and hands and feet frozen together, should be immersed in warm water, to be frozen parts to restore the feeling and then use scissors to separate.

Frostbite tincture, chili tincture applied to the affected area; ulcer severe wounds, the first application of saline repeatedly wash the wound, coated with neomycin cream, and then with sterile gauze Bandaged.

Avoid snow rub grilled frostbite, avoid using snow rub, soaked in water or directly with a roasted fire and other methods, this will make the condition worsened.

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