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Hamrick First Aid
- Aug 14, 2018 -

Patients with airway obstruction usually cannot talk, breathe and cough. The most likely action is to grab your throat with both hands. If this happens, use this method immediately.

1. The rescuer stands behind the victim and then embraces his waist.

2. Use the thumb side of the fist and the index finger side to align the abdomen between the injured navel and the xiphoid process, and the other hand on the fist and hold it tightly.

3. After preparation, press up quickly five times in a row.

4. If the foreign matter is ejected in the throat, it should be taken out carefully. When the breathing and face are normal, it means that the trachea is clear.

If there is a stagnation but no one else, try to use a hard object under the diaphragm and apply pressure (such as a table and chair).

If it is pregnant and fat, the point of application should be changed to the lower part of the sternum (ie, the lower end of the central abdominal bone), and then quickly and forcefully under the sternum.

1. If the patient is lying (or unconscious), the rescuer should straddle the patient's sides, with the palms overlapping the patient's navel and xiphoid.

2. Then press firmly five times forward and downward, then go to the head to check if the foreign object has been pressed out.

3. If there is a foreign object, carefully dig it out. If not, inhale the patient and check for ventilation.

4. When you are ventilated, perform CPR immediately.

5. If you cannot ventilate, repeat step 2.