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Home emergency nine tabooⅡ
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Fifth, patients with cardiogenic asthma avoid lying supine: Because lying will increase the blood stasis and heart burden on the lungs, so asthma aggravated, life-threatening. Half-lying position should be taken to sag the lower limbs.

Sixth, patients with cerebral hemorrhage avoid moving freely: If there is a sudden fall in the event coma or cerebral hemorrhage paralyzed who may have cerebral hemorrhage, free movement will make bleeding more serious, should be supine, raise the head , Immediately sent to the hospital.

Seven, small and deep wounds sloppy dressing: If shaman stab wounds after sloppy dressing, the wound will be hypoxia, resulting in growth of anaerobic bacteria such as tetanus, should be debridement and then bandaged, and tetanus antitoxin injection .

Eight, diarrhea patients avoid indiscriminate service Antidiarrheal drugs: indiscriminate use of anti-inflammatory drugs before anti-inflammatory, will make toxins difficult to discharge, increased inflammatory bowel disease. Should use anti-inflammatory drugs furazolidone, berberine, norfloxacin and then use antidiarrheal drugs, such as easy to stop and so on.

Nine, electric shock avoid attracting hand: the hair made immediately after the electric shock cut off the power and immediately with dry sticks, bamboo and other insulators to open the wire.