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How to dial emergency number
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Call for help should be simple and clear, the language must be refined, accurate, clear important, irrelevant words do not say, so as not to delay the precious time. The main content of the following points:

1, the patient's name, gender, age.

2, the patient's most critical situation. Such as fainting, precordial pain, breathing difficulties, bleeding, etc., the onset of the disease, the process, medication, the past medical history and the incidence of the disease-related factors.

3, the patient's home or on-site details of the address, telephone number and waiting for the exact address of the ambulance, the best choice obvious conspicuous mark office.

4, accidental disasters, unexpected incidents caused by a group of wounded and sick, to explain the nature of the injury, such as poisoning, car accident, drowning, electric shock, etc., to explain the number of injuries, waiting place, call for help to the name of the person.