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Non Adherent Wound Dressing
- Jul 03, 2018 -
FeatureIt can be directly applied to   the   wound surface, which has the features of non-bonding with the wound,     strong absorbent ability for weeping and bleeding wounds,no skin stimulation     reaction,etc., which can comprehensively protect the wound and reduce   the chance   of wound contamination.
    Special low adherent film on each side of the pad minimizing wound trauma     when changing dressings.
PurposeIt is used to protect the wound after   debridement and disinfection and it can also be used to wipe the wound.
UsageThe wound should be cleaned and     disinfected before use.Tear off the package, remove the absorbent pad, place     one side on the wound surface, and then bind with a medical bandage or     adhesive tape.If the wound continues to bleed, use a bandage or other   compression   bandage to stop the bleeding.
Sterile MethodEO   sterile
Expiry Date5 Years