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Rehabilitation treatment of fracture
- Sep 04, 2018 -

First, functional exercise

Functional exercise is an important part of fracture treatment, and it is an important condition to promote fracture healing and prevent complications and restore the function of the affected limb as soon as possible. Under the guidance of medical staff, give full play to the enthusiasm of patients, follow the principles of dynamic and static combination, overall and local combination, active and passive combination, phased and continuous, and exercise functional rehabilitation and rehabilitation as soon as possible.

1. Early fractures generally refer to 1 to 2 weeks after injury. Due to the swelling and pain of the affected limb and the easy displacement of the fracture, the purpose of this period of functional exercise is to promote blood circulation of the affected limb, eliminate swelling and prevent muscle atrophy. The main form is the muscle relaxation and contraction of the affected limb, the upper and lower joints of the fracture are temporarily inactive, and the other joints of the body should be functionally exercised.

2. The middle stage of the fracture generally refers to the period after the fracture is 2 weeks, the swelling is basically subsided, and the local pain is relieved. As the fracture end has been fiber-connected, it is becoming more and more stable, and the upper and lower joints of the fracture are gradually moved with the help of medical personnel or by means of a functional rehabilitation device. The movements should be slow and gentle, gradually increasing the number of movements, the range of movement and the strength.

3. Fractures in the late stage of fracture have reached the standard of clinical healing, and internal and external fixation has been removed. The main form of functional exercise is to strengthen the active activities of the joints of the affected limbs, eliminate limb swelling and joint stiffness, and supplement with various physical and medical treatments to restore the normal range of motion and muscle strength of each joint as soon as possible.

Second, adjuvant treatment

Fracture patients with functional exercise, combined with the implementation of some adjuvant therapy to promote the healing of fractures is helpful. Common adjuvant treatments are:

1. Physical therapy Commonly used electrical, thermal, magnetic, optical, wave, water and other main principles of the instrument, to promote fracture healing has a certain effect.

2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Traditional Chinese medicine is traditional medicine in the motherland. It uses traditional Chinese medicine, massage, massage and acupuncture as the main means to improve local blood circulation and promote fracture healing through Shujin.

3. Drug treatment is often used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and swelling.

4. Nutritional therapy By regulating the diet, it supplements the nutrients that are good for fracture healing, and also promotes the healing of fractures.