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The effect of first aid kit on trauma
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Trauma, such as bleeding, fractures or burns, is often the main focus of most first aid kits, and almost all first aid kits have bandages and dressings. Band-Aid (waterproof band-aid, tape, etc., or OK stretch) - for different parts and joints, such as finger joints; blisters - for the treatment of blisters, prevention of wound infections. Medical sterile dressings - for disinfection, can be used directly for wound cleaning. Bandages - for fixed dressings, no need for disinfection. Bandages - absorbent, breathable, and usually elastic. Self-adhesive elastic bandage - a sticky and elastic bandage roll, excellent pressure bandage for long-lasting dressing and waterproofing; elastic mesh bandage - as a pressure bandage; triangle bandage - as a sling, blood pressure band , or used as a fixed splint, etc. Sterilization syrup: hydrogen peroxide, iodine, xanthate, red syrup, purple syrup Soap - Cleans the wound that has stopped bleeding.