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The Netherlands Standard First Aid Kit ONORM Z 1020
- Apr 25, 2018 -
NamesizeTypeONORM Z 1020   type 1
Triangle bandagesONORM   k2122non   woven , single packed2
wound compresses10   cm x 10cmNormal   non woven single packed , sterile6
First Aid dressing DIN 1315240   cm x 60 cmsingle   packed , sterile1
adhesive tape2.5cm   x 5 mnon   woven mit protection ring1
plaster strips6   cm x 1.9 cmsingle   packed  20
Adhesive bandages elastic6   cm x 10 msingle   packed 6
First Aid packages DIN13151M   = middlesingle   packed , sterile2
First Aid packages DIN13151G   = bigsingle   packed , sterile2
elastic bandage DIN616346   cm x 4 mcello2
elastic bandage DIN616348   cm x 4 mcello2
elastic bandage DIN6163410   cm x 4 mcello2
cohesive bandage8   cm x 4 mcello1
finger tape dressing3   cm x 3 msingle   packed2
leather finger cot
with   holding hand2
emergency blanket160   x 210 cmsilver   / gold1
scissorsONORM   K212119   cm with plastic handle1
vinyl glovesDIN   EN 455in   printed foil bag6
help for resuscitationDIN   13154in   foil bag1
forceps8   cm  metal1
first aid leafletDIN   A6
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