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Tracheal foreign body
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Suffocation pain in patients with facial expression may have hoarse voice, cough, varying degrees of breathing difficulties. Commonly used hand to drag their own neck, there may be pale, bruising, severe unconsciousness may occur, suddenly stopped breathing.

First aid:

Conscious person can take self-help and mutual aid solution:

Cough, and strive to cough the foreign body.

Self-hand punch impact method: the first low, one hand fist, the thumb top in the upper abdomen (umbilical top), the other hand will hold the fist of the hand backward, upward violent squeeze 3-5 times, also available back of the chair, table crowded Pressure on the abdomen, and then relax.

Other hand punch impact method: others can stand behind the patient, his arms around the waist, with the above methods first aid.

Children with tracheal foreign bodies can take the head low high, the palm of your hand with the appropriate force in the shoulder scapula of children beat.

Ambiguous person's first aid method:

Abdominal hand punch impact method: the patient supine, legs close together, the treatment across the knees in the patient's legs outside the two hands overlap on top of the patient's umbilical, fast forward impact down the abdomen, repeated observation, if any foreign body in the mouth, quickly take out.

At the same time help each other emergency 120.