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What are the bandage techniques?
- Oct 27, 2018 -

1. The position of the injured person should be appropriate.

2. The affected limb rests on the position, so that the patient can maintain the comfort of the limb during the dressing process and reduce the patient's pain.

3, the limb bandage must be in the functional position.

4. The packer usually stands in front of the patient to observe the patient's facial expression.

5, generally should be from the inside out, and from the telecentric end to the trunk. At the beginning of the dressing, two ring wraps are required to secure the bandage.

6, grasp the bandage roll when dressing, to avoid falling. The bandage is rolled and must be placed flat on the dressing.

7. The pressure per week should be equal when bandaging, and not too light, so as not to fall off. Also not too tight, so as to avoid circulatory obstacles.

8. In addition to acute bleeding, open wounds or fractured patients, the parts must be cleaned and dried before dressing.

9, rings, gold chain bracelets and watch necklaces are equal to remove before dressing.