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What are the classifications of bandages?
- Oct 29, 2018 -

100% cotton plain, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammonia-based elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze edging bandage, viscose plaster bandage.

Reel belt: also known as single belt, there are three kinds of cotton, gauze and elastic tape, according to the different parts of the tape, there are various names.

Double headband: There are two heads, the width is the same as the application method and the reel strip.

Three headbands: triangles, made of natural cotton, which are cut diagonally on the sides of a cotton cloth about the same length of about 1 meter, that is, two large triangles, such as the cut triangles cut from the top to the bottom line. It can be split into two small triangles. According to the different parts, there are the following names: vertices, bottom edges and left and right points. Most of them are used as slings, hanging hands and forearms. T-belt for fixing the perineal dressing and improving the scrotum.

Multi-head straps: commonly used are the following: four headbands, which are made by cutting a rectangular cotton cloth or gauze from both ends; a chest strap to fix the chest dressing or increase pressure; and a belly strap to fix the abdominal dressing.

Self-adhesive elastic bandage: Self-adhesive elastic bandage is made of pure cotton or elastic non-woven fabric coated with natural rubber. It is made by shaft rotation and slitting for clinical fixation and dressing. It can also be used for protection during exercise. For wrists, ankles and other joints.

Sports protective bandage: mainly for sports protection, medical dressing, medical fixation and other different use range, using imported medical glue, so that the fixation is not easy to fall off, has strong elasticity and flexibility.