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What is a family first aid kit?
- Jan 14, 2019 -

How much is the first aid kit?

Is the family first aid kit necessary?

What should I have with my first aid kit?

What kind of box or bag should I choose for packaging?

There are a lot of questions about the family first aid kit.

The answers are also varied and varied.

Q: What is the family first aid kit?

A:The Family First Aid Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit for family disasters such as fires, cuts, and other natural disasters such as man-made disasters and earthquakes.

Q: Is the family first aid kit necessary?

A:Of course it is necessary! Equipped with emergency supplies necessary for the family, in the event of an accident or disaster, the items in the emergency kit can be used for self-help and mutual rescue to ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

With a family first aid kit, although we can't stop the disaster, we can reduce the damage caused by the disaster.

Every family in Japan is equipped with a “preparation kit for disaster preparedness”, which is equipped with drinking water, compressed food, radio, commonly used drugs, commonly used equipment, and simple tents. Many families in Europe and America will also have a first-aid kit with mineral water, biscuits, whistle, flashlight and towel.

The appearance can be cool,Configuration must be complete,So what should be equipped specifically?gauze? food? water?flashlight? medicine?

In fact, how to equip it, according to the specific situation of each family, we must first determine what kind of family members are, such as young people, children, the elderly... different family members and different equipment.

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