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What items should be configured in the car first aid kit?
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Car first aid kit, many people are very strange to it, some people may know it, but do not know how to mix and use, many people on the Internet ask, homemade "car first aid kit", what do you need to match? The answer is also varied. Many of the answers are about “bandages, gauze, medicines”. Some netizens say that they should be equipped with motion sickness medicines... So what are these equipments right or wrong? What items should I configure for a portable car first aid kit?


Don't look at the package is small, the key moment can be great! How does the small rescuer car first aid kit work in times of crisis?

If you are trapped inside the car, use the safety hammer inside the first aid kit to break the window to help.

Big bleeding? No panic! First aid hemostatic bandage can stop bleeding in time, can be used to dress wounds, stop bleeding, fix splint.

What should I do on the highway? Put your tripod away, stay away from the vehicle, put it on... It is safe to see it!

Reflective vests are made of eye-catching colors and reflective tapes, making them easy to see and alert. Because of this, the national regulations require that vehicles must be equipped with reflective vests from January 1st, 2018!

Of course, when you have a first-aid kit, you need to know all kinds of basic first-aid methods. There are various first-aid knowledge and methods in the first-aid manual. A good first aid kit is not equipped with many things, but when you are in a crisis, you can help you in the first time! Among the deaths from traffic accidents, 60%-70% died within 24 hours after the injury. The main reason for the high early mortality rate is that the treatment is not timely after the injury, so as long as the rescue is done in the first time after the accident, the accident can be greatly reduced.

There are strict legal requirements in Europe and the United States, every car must have a car first aid kit, so don't look at the bag is small, its role can be great!

Class II, III medical device business license, German authority DIN13164 professional certification, Germany TUV certification ISO13485, CE certificate, the State Food and Drug Administration, issued a Class II medical device production license...



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Established in 2003, Hubei GAUKE Protective Products Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized enterprise specializing in emergency protective equipment and first aid kits, medical dressing production and sales, and emergency rescue training. At present, the company has an annual output of more than 600 million sets of first-aid kits for vehicles, industrial, family, military and police, as well as various protective products such as gauze products, non-woven products, elastic bandages, disinfection products, etc., and relevant market shares in Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries. At the top of the list, enjoy high brand awareness and influence.

“Improve awareness of risk prevention, expand safety space, and enhance life support”. GAUKE's ambulance products are sold well in more than 10 overseas countries, and the export volume ranks first in the domestic industry. In international crisis control and product development.

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GAUKE has successively established two brands, Gaoge and Extreme Saver, covering three customized service systems: customized safety emergency management plan, 365 love cycle and air first aid. It has created a new model of Internet first aid and transmitted life energy with love.

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