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First Aid Kit Configuration
- Feb 06, 2018 -

1. Alcohol cotton: first aid used to give hands or pliers and other tools disinfection.

2. Gloves, masks: to prevent the rescuers were infected.

3.0.9% saline: used to clean the wound. Based on health requirements, the best choice for independent small package or medium-sized bottled. It should be noted that the left after opening should be thrown away, do not put the first aid kit. If not, can use unopened distilled water or mineral water instead.

4. Sterilized gauze: used to cover the wound. It is not as cotton as possible to stay in the wound on the cotton, remove, it will not affect the wound.

5 bandages: bandages have elasticity, used to dress the wound, without prejudice to blood circulation. 2-inch fit hand, 3-inch for the foot.

Triangle towel: also known as triangular bandages, with a variety of purposes, to support the injured upper limbs, fixed dressings or fractures.

7. Safety pin: a fixed triangular bandage or bandage.

8. Tape: Paper tape can be fixed gauze, because it does not irritate the skin, suitable for most people to use; zinc oxide tape can be fixed bandage.

9. Band-Aid: Use when covering a small wound.

10 plastic wrap: the use of it will not be close to the characteristics of the wound, wrapped in the hospital before the burn, burns parts.

11. Pocket mask or artificial respiration mask: When artificial respiration, to prevent infection.

12. round head scissors, pliers: Round head scissors safer, can be used to cut tape or bandages. If necessary, it can also be used to cut clothing. Pliers can replace the dressing with both hands, or clamp to remove the dirt on the wound.

13. Flashlight: In the dark environment when the rescue, it can be used to illuminate; also faint pupil response.

14. Cotton sticks: used to clean small bleeding wounds.

15. Ice packs: placed in the bruises, muscle strain or joint sprain site, the microvascular contraction, can help reduce swelling. When nosebleeds, placed in the wounded forehead, can help stop bleeding.