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First Aid Kit For Pets
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Hydrogen peroxide: If it is a general skin trauma, you can use it to clean the wound.

Yunnanbaiyao: If the dog bleed, smear the powder on the wound can be. If the bleeding is too much, the puppy may be appropriate to take some.

Anti-inflammatory powder (sulfonamides) Common and effective traumatic anti-inflammatory drugs, applied to the appearance of the wound, to be bandaged to prevent licking.

Purple syrup: wound skin growth period use.

Erythromycin ointment: wound recovery period can be used, can also be used in puppy pus.

More than 100 State ointment: local dog skin irritation. Hair removal. Sharpei. Starling a class of skin wrinkles more dogs should be spare. In addition, the dog's dog's wrinkled parts of the nose, if there is swelling and hair removal. Even the flow of liquid with stinky. This ointment also works well.

Alcohol cotton: partial cleaning. disinfection.

Chloramphenicol eye drops: the treatment of dog eyes redness. Eyes heavy.

Oxytetracycline: Treatment of dog diarrhea, due to diet or cold caused by simple pull.

Gentamicin: The kind of liquid medicine that can be a pill or an injection. Treatment dog puff. Poor food. cold.

Multi-enzyme tablets, pepsin tablets, multivitamins: These drugs on the dog's indigestion, loss of appetite will be a great help, can effectively regulate the dog's gastrointestinal function.

Ban Langen granules: prevention and treatment of dog flu.

Glucose powder: If the dog likes to drink, usually nothing good to drink. If the dog is sick do not eat, this can add energy.

Pediatric cold granules: the dog flows clear nose, loss of appetite, the best choice for a cold.