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GAUKE Came To Visit The Chaoyang District Public Safety Experience Hall In Beijing
- Jan 07, 2019 -

GAUKE Came To Visit The Chaoyang District Public Safety Experience Hall In Beijing

On December 19th, GAUKE came to Beijing Chaoyang District Public Safety Experience Hall to visit and study.The Chaoyang District Public Safety Museum in Beijing is a public welfare public education knowledge and experience pavilion invested and constructed by the Chaoyang District Party Committee and District Government. The main function of the pavilion is to disseminate public safety knowledge, enhance citizens' safety awareness, and minimize and reduce losses caused by various disasters and public safety emergencies.

GAUKE at the VR Earthquake Experience Hall


Step voltage experience zone


The venue follows the principles of practicality, science, comprehensiveness and thematic, knowledge and fun, and has designed seven major themes: fire safety, health, production safety, traffic safety, civil air defense, public security, anti-terrorism and natural disasters. Exhibition area.

Production safety exhibition area


Natural disaster exhibition area


Public security anti-terrorism exhibition area


Health and wellness exhibition area


Fire safety exhibition area


Civil defense exhibition area


Traffic safety exhibition area


The visit was to learn from its experience in promoting the development of a safe experience museum. As an emergency management practitioner, GAUKE increased its investment in emergency training, and cooperated with Hubei Guoan Home Rescue to jointly establish the Hubei Love Cycle Emergency Experience Hall in Fuyang City, aiming to further enhance public safety awareness and strengthen public response to disasters. The basic skills of an emergency, let everyone understand emergency rescue.

The completion of Hubei Love Cycle Emergency Experience Hall will play an important role in public safety: first, the platform for popularizing public safety knowledge, second, the platform for public safety skills training, and third, the platform for public safety practice for primary and secondary school students. A platform for external interaction and communication.

Public security is an important guarantee for the national economy and the people's livelihood. It is an important support for building a peaceful and harmonious society and ensuring the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society. "Improve risk prevention awareness, expand safety space, enhance life support", create a new model of Internet first aid, use life to transmit life energy, continuously improve people's first aid awareness, and promote public safety. GAUKE has been acting!

The safety advocated by GAUKE is

a force that pushes the dream forward

A kind of care, protect your peace of mind

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