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GAUKE Debuted At The Frankfurt Auto Show In Shanghai, And The Three Brands Went Into Battle!
- Dec 26, 2018 -

From November 28th to December 1st, 2018, the annual (Shanghai) Frankfurt Auto Show will be held again in Shanghai. As the most influential auto show in Asia, this year's Automechanika Shanghai 2018 is on the scale, exhibitors and There has been a sustained breakthrough in the number of viewers. This year, the exhibition area will be further expanded to 350,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 6,250 companies and 140,000 professional visitors to the site. The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of the automobile, and gather the world's top brands and domestic and foreign leading enterprises.


As the most influential auto show in Asia, GAUKE  took the opportunity to participate in the exhibition, aiming to promote a comprehensive range of safety protection solutions to the world, enhance the international reputation of GAUKE , expand the international influence of the brand, and expand domestic and international brands. Market sales channels.


At this exhibition, GAUKE  team brought the latest products, the most comprehensive comprehensive emergency management solution, the most comprehensive and efficient service to the A62 of Hall 6.2, Gaoge, Zhending and Extreme Saver. GAUKE  provides comprehensive security protection in the automotive front-end and back-end markets. For the latest products of the three major brands, domestic and foreign customers have shown great interest, and the number of customers consulting and viewing products is endless, especially for foreign auto parts customers, which show strong purchasing intentions for related products.

The calming brand was founded by the hot electric field, the listed company Bluesail Medicall and the big black cow Li Chen. As a strategic partner of Bluesail Medicall, GAUKE  participated in the development and production of calming first-aid products, and was personally served as the chief product manager by GAUKE  general manager Yan Jianxun to ensure the professionalism and high quality of the products.

Gaoge and Extreme Saver are the brands of GAUKE . The two brands cover customized security emergency management solutions, 365 love cycle and air first aid service system. They aim to create a new model of Internet first aid and transmit life energy with love.

“Improving risk prevention awareness, expanding safety space, and enhancing life support”, GAUKE's  products are sold well in more than 10 overseas countries, and the export volume ranks first in the domestic industry. It shows in international crisis control and product development and technical services. Extraordinary strength.

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