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GAUKE Participates In The US NSC Exhibition, Layout Intelligent First Aid New Field
- Jan 09, 2019 -

The US International Safety and Labor Protection Products Exhibition (NSC) was held in Houston, USA on October 22, 2018. As a leading domestic and international professional emergency rescue and emergency management solution, GAUKE participated in the exhibition and colleagues from all walks of life. Share global cooperation opportunities.


The National Safety and Labor Insurance Show (NSC), hosted by the National Safety Council, is one of the most important and professional exhibitions in the global industrial safety protection and self-protection category. It has been successfully held for more than 100 sessions. The show is also a major part of the US Congress on World Congress (Congress & Expo).

In this exhibition, Gaode Ambulance and US M Company reached a joint intention to jointly sell smart first aid kits in China. The first aid kit can automatically demonstrate rescue steps and methods through voice and animation.


After solving the problem of people "Don't dare to save", with the intelligent first aid kit, people can solve the problem of "can't save". GAUKE constantly lays out the field of intelligent emergency, aiming to build a more professional emergency rescue system and provide a more comprehensive emergency. Manage the overall solution.

“Improving risk prevention awareness, expanding safety space, and enhancing life support”, GAUKE products sell well in more than 10 overseas countries, and export volume ranks first in the domestic industry. It has demonstrated in international crisis control and product development and technical services. Extraordinary strength.

The safety advocated by GAUKE is

a force that pushes the dream forward

A kind of care, protect your peace of mind

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