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The Type Of BandageⅠ
- Feb 06, 2018 -

100% cotton plain, wrinkle elastic bandage, ammonia elastic bandage, PBT elastic bandage and cotton gauze bandage bandage, adhesive gypsum bandage.

Reel belt

Also known as a single belt, a cotton cloth, gauze and elastic tape three, depending on the tape parts, have the following various names:

⑴ take the lead ⑵ with the end of the CD body (part of the scroll) ⑷ inner (by the side of the roll) ⑸ outside (by the other side of the roll) ⑹ upper ⑺ ⑺ lower ⑻ roll mouth

Double headband

There are double take the lead, its width and application method and reel belt is roughly the same.

Three headbands

⑴ Triangle Towel: made of natural cotton, that is, four sides equal to about 1 meter long cotton diagonal cut, that is, into two large triangular scarf, such as will be made from the top to the bottom edge of the triangular scarf, you can crack Into two small triangular scarves, according to their different parts, the following names: the top, bottom and left and right two points, most of its use as a blackmail, hanging hands and forearms. ⑵ T-word

Band: for the fixed perineal dressing and scrotum use.