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The Type Of BandageⅡ
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Long belt

Commonly used are the following: ⑴ four headband: the rectangular cotton cloth or gauze cut from both ends and made of; ⑵ chest strap: to fix the chest dressing or increase the pressure; ⑶ bellyband: to fix the abdominal dressing.

Self-adhesive elastic bandage

Description: Self-adhesive elastic bandage made of pure cotton or elastic non-woven fabric coated with natural rubber compound made of shaft material, cut and made for clinical use and dressing bandage can also be used to protect the wrist during exercise, ankle Use other joints.

Sports protective bandages

Mainly for sports protection, medical bandage, medical fixed, such as the use of different areas, the use of imported medical glue, the fixed is not easy to fall off, with strong flexibility and scalability.